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Rick Elmendorf is a nationally renowned Mortgage Loan Officer and a VA loan expert. Ranked in the top 1% of Loan Officers in the Nation, Rick brings an honest, creative and refreshing look into everything Money, Mortgages and Real Estate.

Rick Elmendorf

At the age of 22, Rick embarked on his journey in the mortgage business. He started his career in a humble garage, working for a small brokerage company in Catonsville, MD. In those early days, the absence of advanced technology compelled him to gain an in-depth understanding of mortgage banking, delving into every aspect of the industry. Early on, Rick had a fanatical drive to become one of the best loan officers in the nation with a specific focus on VA Loans.

Rick’s family history and his own experiences have instilled a strong commitment to serving the military community. His father, after completing his military service, became a highly successful financial planner with USPA & IRA, currently First Command Financial Planning. His particular focus was always on helping military families achieve financial stability and success. Rick soon joined his father in this mission, engaging with clients and agents on the financing side and it wasn’t long before he developed a deep affection for his military clientele. The core values of the military were incorporated in his business. Rick adopted the principles of honor, service, duty, excellence, and teamwork. These values have been the foundation of his approach to serving his clients.

To this day, Rick and his team provide a top-tier mortgage experience that not only honors the military but also delivers on the promises made to those who have served. 5-minute approvals, his unique Excel Purchase Calculator and his ‘Offer Accepted’ strategy are just a few of the unique benefits he offers his clients.

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It’s with immense gratitude that Rick Elmendorf and his team has consistently ranked in the top 1% of Loan Officers nationwide since 2003, a testament to their unwavering commitment and expertise. Rick is not only a respected VA loan expert but also an accomplished author, having penned two books: “The Loan Officer Revolution” and his latest e-book, “3% Lower.” His knowledge and dedication to serving veterans and military families make him a trusted resource in the mortgage industry.

If you’re looking for a VA loan expert who understands the unique needs of military families, whether it’s a VA Loan for a PCS to another duty station or you are a Veteran looking to purchase a new home with your VA Home Loan Benefits, Rick is dedicated to providing the best mortgage experience possible. Low mortgage rates with especially low VA Loan Rates!

a personal note from Rick

My life isn’t all about work! On the personal side, I have a beautiful wife and 2 strapping young boys. I currently live in Naples, FL and I have to be honest… I don’t miss the cold winters of Virginia!

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