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Want to know how much you can afford? Take just 2 minutes and get our Excel Home Mortgage Calculator to guide you.

Want to know how much you can afford? Take just 2 minutes and get our Excel Home Mortgage Calculator to guide you.

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3% Lower: Solving the Housing Affordability Crisis and Making Homeownership Affordable in Any Rate Environment!

Americans thought the high mortgage rates were over when in October of 2022, mortgage rates hit an astounding high of over 7%. Those levels hadn’t been seen for almost 30 Years and we thought the tide had finally turned after a glimmer of hope in early February 2023. Unfortunately, it didn’t stop there. The mortgage markets slowly continued to bleed out as the Federal Reserve spewed their doom and gloom inflationary rhetoric combined with raising rates with no apparent end in sight. In October 2023, Mortgage Rates hit their highest point in over 23 Years, with the average 30 Year Fixed Rate clocking in at over 8%. These rates, along with low housing inventory has made for the most difficult housing market Buyers and Sellers, Realtors and Mortgage Loan Officers have ever seen.

3% Lower is a spin on a mortgage program that never got enough love. In times like these it is a proven strategy to subsidize the Buyers Mortgage Rate up to 3% Lower than the current market in order to make payments more affordable. Anyone can use 3% Lower to drop their payments drastically in any rate environment. Find out how!

For questions, send an email to the author at and see how 3% Lower can work for you and your family.

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