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Job numbers poised to raise interest rates!

The Jobs Report coming out tomorrow could have a huge impact on interest rates. Get the EMA Purchase Worksheet at www.EMABOSS.com Follow Rick on Twitter @loanwithrick.com Visit us at: www.loanwithrick.com It drives me crazy to hear about veterans being told that they can’t get another VA loan because their existing VA is tied up. They then are forced to refinance a perfectly good VA loan to “free up” this VA eligibility. Well that’s so unnecessary.

Taking Advantage of Low Mortgage Rates

2016 is wrapping up quickly and the mortgage rates for 2017 haven’t increased, but they are expected to.  We’ve seen a dramatic increase in rates since the elections.  I know this is something that I keep talking about, but I want to make sure that my clients don’t lose out on the opportunity to lock in a low rate.  This is all about timing. If you’re thinking about buying or selling, I’d recommend doing it now. Talk to me about getting pre-approved for your dream house or schedule a quick mortgage check up to see if refinancing is an option.  You’d be surprised with how creative I can be! Another hot topic is our new “digital mortgage process” which is going to make getting a loan easier than ever.  The normal 45-day process has been cut to 10… not joking. All of this being said, I encourage you to get…

How to get off the mortgage rate roller coaster

While the idea of mortgage rates going up might be frightening, the good news is that you can start preparing yourself for this right now. Beyond the typical advice of “start budgeting and save money” I’d like to offer a simple bit of overdue advice. Don’t wait. If you are looking into purchasing a home… don’t wait. If you plan on refinancing, right now is the time to do it. Beyond just the roller coaster of rates that are going to severely hinder every home buyer/owner in America, many economists forecast that home values in northern Virginia will appreciate by 4.2%. Now, I touched on this in a previous blog post but I cannot say it enough that right now is the time to take action. Home rates go up, you lose buying power. Home prices go up, you lose buying power. Put it together and you exponentially lose buying power.…