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How HomeScout Blots Out Competitors

You’ve seen the advertisements for the most popular home-search apps—Zillow and Trulia are names that probably come to mind. Amidst looking at homes, did you ever meander to the privacy policies of companies like these? If not, I invite you to. Why? Your personal info is being sold to third-party companies. These big-hitters are fueled by advertisements, meaning they can target you based on the personal info you provide at sign-up and on your profile. It may not seem like a huge deal that companies are getting your email address and name, but it can become a nuisance. If you’d rather not spend time deleting emails from seemingly random people and companies, HomeScout is your answer. Your Leg-Up on other Home Searches HomeScout is a new home search app that breaks away from other companies simply by its makeup. This service is invite-only, meaning users must have an access code.…