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Can You Buy A Home with Less-Than-Perfect Credit?

Have you checked your credit score lately and slowly backed away from it? Credit scores can make or break your chances of getting approved to purchase a new home. If your credit score isn’t in the range of perfect—somewhere in the 700s—fear not! Even if your credit lies somewhere in the 600s, there are still a few ways to get approved. Before diving in to some of your best options, you may be asking—“Why not just go through my bank or a mortgage broker?” This is a valid option, but be wary. Banks have set overlays as an answer to low credit, meaning it will be difficult for you to move forward in buying a home. Alongside this, pricing bumps and a higher interest rate often accompany these overlays. Naturally, you don’t want to fork out more money than necessary, right? Here are some avenues to look into so you aren’t…