How HomeScout Blots Out Competitors

You’ve seen the advertisements for the most popular home-search apps—Zillow and Trulia are names that probably come to mind. Amidst looking at homes, did you ever meander to the privacy policies of companies like these? If not, I invite you to. Why? Your personal info is being sold to third-party companies.

These big-hitters are fueled by advertisements, meaning they can target you based on the personal info you provide at sign-up and on your profile. It may not seem like a huge deal that companies are getting your email address and name, but it can become a nuisance. If you’d rather not spend time deleting emails from seemingly random people and companies, HomeScout is your answer.

Your Leg-Up on other Home Searches

HomeScout is a new home search app that breaks away from other companies simply by its makeup. This service is invite-only, meaning users must have an access code. Seen above, the red lock icon ensures your home search is a safe one. HomeScout is not funded by advertisements, so the risk of third-party selling is erased. Your information is confidential, so why sell it? HomeScout guarantees to keep it private.

There are a handful of other great features on the app, too. Here are a few of them.

MLS Search Capability

MLS data feeds are typically only available to realtors. Now, you’ll be able to see exactly what they see. MLS also allows users to view 100% of all available listings. New perspective, better approach.

Real-Time Updates

On other apps, you may have tried to inquire about a home, but an offer has already been made on the home. Kind of a waste of your time, right? Not anymore. HomeScout is updated thousands of times a day, meaning every listing is available then and there. No lag or wait time.

Caliber Connection

When you use the code ELMENDORFTEAM, you will have immediate access to HomeScout. Caliber’s team is linked into the system, so you’ll be able to reach out to loan officers about the homes you find on HomeScout. Rick and his team will get you the house you’ve got saved in your favorites.

Wanna give HomeScout a try? Click here to begin your house hunt without limitations.

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