Better Home Loans For America’s Military

It’s always a good feeling for realtors and lenders alike to help someone get into their very first home. That feeling only multiplies when half of the people you are assisting selflessly served the country you live in. Military and Veteran Lending expert, Rick Elmendorf, calls in today as he tells Joe all about the niche market of VA loans. Specific topics include: How Rick is able to close an impressive amount of loans without sacrificing customer satisfaction Qualifying for a VA loan What the Bay Area and realtors don’t know about VA financing What you can and can’t do with VA loans

Job numbers poised to raise interest rates!

The Jobs Report coming out tomorrow could have a huge impact on interest rates. Get the EMA Purchase Worksheet at Follow Rick on Twitter Visit us at: It drives me crazy to hear about veterans being told that they can’t get another VA loan because their existing VA is tied up. They then are forced to refinance a perfectly good VA loan to “free up” this VA eligibility. Well that’s so unnecessary.

The ADP employment report sent mortgage rates on a bit of a ride

Mortgage rates are sitting still this week, with little to no increase or decrease. The 30-year fixed rate didn’t change while the 15-year fixed rate inched up to 3.41 percent. Along with this, mortgage applications decreased last week, the market composite index fell 3.2 percent.  The big news of the day is that the ADP employment report showed 246,000 private sector jobs created compared to 168,000, which means pressure on inflation, which is not good for interest rates. Mortgage rates are still on a slide down and I still recommend locking in those interest rates. I will be posting mortgage updates on my YouTube Channel every afternoon, so be sure to subscribe today to see where the market is heading!