5 Steps to Finding Your Dream Home

So, you’re a first time home buyer. Or, maybe this isn’t your first rodeo in the home buying market. Whatever your experience is, these steps will help you to avoid common mistakes and pitfalls you may not expect.

  1. Locate the community that best suits your needs

You may come across the perfect home, but what about the surrounding area? Do you need to be within range of a notable school district? Or close to your workplace? Thinking about these necessities will help you sift through listings.

  1. Property Taxes

A seasoned home buyer may know this already, but property tax varies from area to area. Make sure you are aware of what a listing’s property tax will be before signing. Otherwise, you may be shocked!

  1. Buy what you can afford

The listing price is one of an assortment of fees that you will responsible for. Closing fees are a great example of this. Find out what exactly you will be paying before letting the listing price entice you into signing! (Pro tip: Try Elmendorf’s E-Mortgage Analyzer! The EMA acts as a simulator, allowing you to plug in the numbers that best fit your budget. Click here to find out how the EMA can help you work out your budget in minutes!)

  1. Use an agent and loan officer that you can trust

Just because somebody has “real estate agent” tagged onto their credentials does not mean they’re going to provide real facts and figures. Sometimes, buyers are left in the dark about closing costs and many other fees. The same applies to mortgage lenders. Take some time to research agents and lenders before working with them; you’ll thank yourself.

  1. Prepare for a waiting period—or, not

Traditional mortgages take time to process. The 30-45 day period can be irritating and bothersome. However, you can avoid this. The Elmendorf Team offers The Ultimate Homebuying Experience, an entirely digital system that guarantees closing in ten days. A month’s wait versus ten days—which would you choose?

Ultimately, home buying works best when you’re prepared. Knowing what you need in a community, what you can feasibly afford, and who you can trust your money with will save you time and future stress. Once you’re feeling comfortable with these steps, click here to check out Home Scout. This invite-only app cuts the middle man out of home buying and gives you access to community info like nearby schools, points of interest, and attractions—you’re in control. Use this VIP code to gain access to Home Scout: ELMENDORFTEAM.

Happy house hunting!

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